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Commission Structure*

At Zalloum Realty International, we have a unique commission structure designed to provide maximum earning potential for our agents. Our program is based on a 100 percent commission model, which means that agents keep every dollar they earn in commissions.


Commission structure works based on a $400,000 sale:

Commissions: The agent will earn a commission based on a percentage of the sale price. Let's say the agreed commission rate is 3%. In this case, the agent would earn $12,000 (3% of $400,000) as their commission for the sale.


Fees: We have two fees associated with each transaction. Firstly, there is a fee of 0.3% (or 0.003) of the purchase price. For a $400,000 sale, this fee would amount to $1,200 (0.3% of $400,000). Secondly, there is a $399 transaction fee paid to the broker.


So, from the $12,000 commission earned, the agent would deduct the fees of $1,200 and the $399 transaction fee. Therefore, the agent would take home $10,401 ($12,000 - $1,200 - $399) from this particular transaction.


High-Value Leads: At Zalloum Realty International, we provide high-value leads to our agents. These leads are generated through various marketing efforts, and we believe in sharing the success. For leads provided by the company, the agent will split the commission at a 50/50 ratio. In our example, if the lead for the $400,000 sale was provided by the company, the agent would receive $6,000 (50% of $12,000) as their share.

Revenue Stream from Mentorship: We also have a revenue stream for agents who mentor and bring new talent to our firm. For every transaction generated by the mentee, as long as the mentor remains a part of Zalloum Realty International, they will receive a percentage of the commission earned by the mentee. The exact percentage can be discussed and negotiated on an individual basis.


This comprehensive commission compensation program allows our agents to maximize their earnings by keeping 100% of their commissions, benefiting from high-value leads, and generating revenue through mentorship.


If you have any further questions or need additional clarification, feel free to ask. we are always here for you

Additional terms and conditions may apply*

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